1) If you are contact with us to invite the dial banking department straight line telephone for the first time: 010-87663067-8002/8698 (Mr. Lu, Mr. Wang) please consider your demand, facsimiles and so on from question which locates the profession including your firm which and the production product - - before supplier cannot satisfy the place, anxious needs to solve to: 010-87663066 or online filling in: Message

2) If you were the customer which already finalized a deal please do take the personnel with ours banking department guest to relate directly, has input the electricity brain trust in here yours ordering material, may conveniently provide “a pair for you one” the intimate service. Switchboard: 010-87663067, 87663068, 87673969 分机:8608  Mr. Niu 8618 Mr. Yin 8658 Mr. Li 8668 Mr. Zhang A 8688 Mr. zhang B 


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